Transaksi E-Commerce Dalam Perspektif Bisnis Syariah (E-Commerce Transactions in Sharia Business Perspective)

  • M Sururi Sururi Institut PTIQ Jakarta


Electronic sales or e-commerce is the distribution, purchase, sale, marketing of goods and services through electronic systems such as the internet or television, www, or other computer networks. E-commerce can involve electronic fund transfers, electronic data exchanges, automated inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. The information technology industry sees this e-commerce activity as the application and application of e-business (e-business) related to commercial transactions. This business transaction is based on individuals or corporations using the internet network as a medium of exchange of goods or services and so on between two institutions (business to business) or also direct consumers (business to consumer), past the constraints of space and time which have always been things dominant thing. Honesty in dealing in Islam is a very important part, where a trader and buyer must act honestly, based on the desire that others get goodness and happiness in accordance with how to explain the condition of a merchandise that he knows and is not visible to the buyer. The problem in this study in general is related to the object of the transaction being traded, sometimes it is not in accordance with the advertisement, this automatically contradicts the explanation in An-nisa's letter, which in buying and selling must be willing to give up, not to cheat, not to lie, and must not harm one or both parties. Specifically, this research was conducted with the aim of knowing in depth e-commerce transactions in the sharia business perspective.